Thursday, 26 September 2013


There are times that I just don't feel like working on my projects.  The last month has been one of those times.  I have my excuse, waiting on the SIPs, starting school and a couple more.  The truth is moving off the floor is another reality check.  Do I really want to do this?

Those who have met me know I look at things in a different way.  Odd might be a popular description.  I've always though that most of society is not overly happy so why should I follow the herd?  But I like the herd

Well enough philosophical musings back to building!

September has been another wet month and winter is fast approaching.  I spent the whole day building a frame to hold up some tarps so I can start on the walls, even if it is raining!

This pictures was taken at 7:30, the sun is going down so early.  I'll post another one tomorrow when there is light

Expenses to date: $6,347

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