Thursday, 21 August 2014

First Month Living in the Tiny House

I have to say that after living in a not-quite-finished tiny house for a month I love it.  It may be cluttered but the size feels right.

The last 3 weeks where incredibly busy with work and trying to get the house livable. For most of time I was using a pop bottle to shower, it was only on the 2nd last day that I had a working shower (it was awesome!).  I'm taking a 6 week break from the house and I won't be able to do very much when I get back so the pressure is on.

I'm going try to take pictures when I get back into the house of all these projects

Stained and installed almost all of the siding

Plumbed all the gas lines using black iron and copper lines

Installed the stove, furnace and hot water tank

Installed the kitchen sink

Installed most fresh water lines

Plumbed the shower

Built a rough outline of the cabinetry

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