Saturday, 25 April 2015

Interior work

 With so many projects on the go and no exterior storage it the interior was a bit of disaster.  In December I started focusing on getting the space livable. 

The first thing I did was build a storage shelf for all the tools and construction materials which made it a little better.

Next I insulated the south wheel well and a few other spots that I had to finish.  This got rid of the bulky insulation.  I spent some time reorganizing and was rewarded with a clear path.

 In mid January I built a temporary desk and continued to sort and toss.

By mid March I had added some storage under the counter and near the door.  I also managed to sell the bookcases and desk.  I also finished most of the tongue and groove.  The space is really starting to open up!

The kitchen also had work done during this period.  First I bough the biggest toaster oven that I could find. Mmmmmm, solar powered oatmeal raisin cookies!

 The following week I picked up a 10cu ft fridge and had to lift it onto it's shelf all by my self.  The secret was to use a 2x4 as a lever.


Finally the electrical panel was installed and the dishwasher and oven moved up.

The temporary entrance closet.  The kitchen also received 3 20 amp GFI plugs.  No more extension cords!

 The temporary kitchen shelving.

The loft was reorganized and the walls where finished up.  The cedar wall had to pulled down and redone because it wasn't straight

It just needs the ceiling and storage cabinets.

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