Sunday, 26 May 2013

Just a little bump in the road

Unfortunately I'm looking for a new place to build the tiny home.  After bringing the trailer home the owner's had a change of hart.  They have a couple of small kids so it is understandable.  This means I have to find a place fairly quickly to build.  I'm hoping to find something by July 1st so progress is not slowed down too much.

I'm using the time to redesign the tiny house now that I have an actual trailer (something I would have to do anyway).  I'll also be able to build the deck and order the SIPs before I move.

The trailer has the wheels pretty far back.  The good thing about this is my front door will be centered on the side of trailer.  The down side is I have to be careful not to have the weight too far forward.  To accomplish this I'll be putting the loft, bathroom, washer and kitchen at the back of the trailer and leaving some space at the front of the trailer empty.  I'll also be playing with the location of the battery bank once I have the shell up.  The deck height is only 21" (3" lower then Tumbleweed's) and the length is 26 feet.

The redesigned floor plan

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