Saturday, 22 June 2013

Starting the welding

I'm mostly done the design side.  I'll be sending the plans off to the SIP manufacturer once I'm done the floor and I'm hoping for a fairly quick turn around.

The bearings on the rear axle of the trailer are both completely shot.  I'll probably end up replacing the axles with 5000lbs axles (they are currently 3500lbs).  I need to bring the trailer 2 hours north to pick up the SIPs so I'll have to replace the bearings.  On the plus side I'll be able to sell the axles and make some money back.

I did the math on the weight of some of the main components.  Just to give an idea of how it all adds up.
SIPs 3100 lbs
Loft floor 250 lbs
Siding 1300lbs
Interior paneling 1100lbs
Roofing 600 lbs

Total 6350lbs

5000lbs will be supported on the 10" outriggers, this means each of the 16 outrigger will be supporting 300lbs.

Build progress!

Saturday I picked up some of my metal order so I could get started.  I also grabbed the MIG welder from work.  I spent the rest of the day getting the trailer level, practicing my welding, prepping the trailer and cutting the steel.
Sunday I started welding the angle iron to the trailer.  My first attempt was a disaster, the welding was not going smooth and the section where not level or in line.  It took most of the day and frustrated I called quits after only welding 6 sections.  I decided to go pick up the wood for the joists and managed to get them cut.

First thing on Monday I strung a string between the the start of the first piece and the end of the last piece.  This established a straight and level line to use as a guide.  I cut 2 sections off the trailer, cut new angle and welded them back on.  This was way easier and gave very good results.  I transferred the start and end point over the the right side of the trailer and did the same trick with the string.  An old guy selling house number signs dropped by while I was doing this, as it turns out he is retired welder.  We chatted about the difficulty I was having with my welding.  He gave me a few pointers for setting the welder and it became easier.

With another round of storm cloud threatening rain, I finished the day having welded all the joist supports and temporally placed the joists.

Expenses to date $3,695

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