Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cramming it all in

First a little catching up on the blog.

I finished one of the wheel well boxes!  I just have to lift the floor sheathing to drill a couple of holes but more on that later

Last Friday and Saturday I gave a friend a hand with her project, she needed a hand putting the roof on a large chicken coop that she what putting under her deck.  By then end I was temped to get a couple of chickens when I'm done.  On Sunday she returned the favor by giving me a hand.  The first two rafters where only 8" apart and it was going to cause me problem with putting up some of the strong ties and blocking.  I finally clued in that I could just move in another 8" in and it would solve the problems.  After taking care of that we put the sheathing on the steep part of the roof.  We just managed to get it all done just as the sun set!  I now have half a roof and I got to use my climbing gear :).

For the last week I've been taking time in the evenings to do some of the interior planning
ng.  I have to fit the inverter, charge controller, 16 deep cycle batteries, electrical panel, fridge, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, furnace, ducting, wiring and plumbing in a very limited amount of cabinetry.  On top of that the inverter needs less then 10ft of wire between it and each of the battery banks.
This give you an idea of how tight the space is.  The hot water tank had to be put in the bathroom
Starting of the left. Shower pan (grey), sink(grey), toilet(purple), hot water tank(blue), furnace and ducting(green), electrical panel(yellow), oven(grey below panel), dishwasher(grey below oven), fridge(grey), washing machine(grey)
Hiding under all that are the two battery banks, one on each side.  The tall yellow box near the round duct is the inverter.

Toilet is so large because I was originally going to with a commercial unit.  The problem is almost all of them get poor reviews with some users having overflowing issues.  On the other hand there seems to be a number of people sticking with their "temporary" 5 gallon pail system.

Once I finished with all that planning done I can now drill the holes I mentioned earlier.  There will be two of them.  One to carry the DC wires from the north battery bank (rear wall in the preview drawing).  The other will carry both the supply wire from the service entrance along the north wall and under the floor plus the wire from the inverter to the electrical panel.  The inverter will be located where the is on the floor and other two holes are near the tape measurer.

To make sure I didn't put a hole in the vapour barrier I lifted the plywood up and slid some 2x4s and plywood under where I was drilling, that is why I have to wait to put the wheel well boxes in place.  With the holes drilled I finished the second one and nailed them in place, now I have more storage for the tools :)

Expenses to date: $ 10,550

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