Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Loot for the house

Happy New Year!

My brother was in town for the holidays and he was able to lend a hand on the house.  He drilled all the holes for the electrical runs while I worked on the framing around the wheel wells.

I had ordered some thing from American RV and they had arrived at the shipping outlet just across the boarder.  I have to give kudos to them for their pre-sales support. The furnace was not a regularly stocked item and they contacted their supplier to see if they could get it shipped out before the Xmas shutdown.  Things worked out and I had it less then 2 weeks after it was ordered.  There prices where very good too.

The second company that I have to give kudos to is Propane Depot in Vancouver BC.  I forgot to order a second hose and I needed a few more fittings.  The person that helped me was very knowledgeable and even answered my questions about the rest of my propane system.  So if you need anything propane related and you are around Vancouver you should drop in.

A couple of things I learned:
The hoses before the propane regulator should not droop lower then the top 20% of the tank.  If they do propane liquid can form and that may damage the hoses and regulator.
There is no standard for circuit breakers.  Make sure you buy the right ones for your panel.

So here is everything I bought
Square D electrical panel
4 x 20amp breakers
8 x 15amp breakers
20' Copper gas line
CO and propane alarm
Double flare tool
Auto change-over propane regulator, hoses and fittings
Fittings and valves for propane
Atwood 1522 dual stage ducted furnace and door
Suburban 6 gallon gas/electric hot water heater and door

I'll use the electric heater on the hot water heater as a dump load when my batteries are fully charged.  It should save some propane in the summer.

Expenses to date: $10,505

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