Tuesday, 10 June 2014

So many things

I've been working 10 hour days for the last couple of weeks so lots of updates.
Finished installing the loft roof installation and most of the main roof.

This allowed me to make progress on the fascia boards.  I started by painting them and drilling a ton of holes for the roof venting.  I could have bought plastic vents but it would have cost about $120.  To drill the holes quickly and accurately I made a jig out of a 2x4 on the drill press. I stapled screening on the back side to keep bugs out.

One down, three to go

I put most of the roofing on.  I just have a few pieces left to install but it will keep the rain out.  I used ladders for the loft area but ending up renting scaffolding to do the rest.  It was cheap ($50) and made the job way easier, faster and safer.  My roommate what kind enough to paint my front door for me.

I finished off today by staring on the shower install.  I put 1/8" board behind it to protect the vapour barrier and cut the hole in the floor for the drain.  It's a big shower but it just fits in.

I've also picked up the siding and interior wall covering.  Both need to be painted, so much work to do before I move at the end of the month.

Expenses to date: $20,957

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