Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Painting and more painting

The past month has mostly been a lot of prep work, not very exciting and very time consuming.  I also was out of town a few times looking for a location for the tiny house.  I'll be leaving the Okanagan behind for a while.  It has also gotten very hot with highs in the 35C to 40C (95F to 104F), not the most fun temps to be trying to work in.

Cedar siding all sanded and ready for washing.

 Testing the stain on a few boards.

It turned out to be too yellow, so my friend and I headed back to the very patient staff at Benjamen Moore.  They where very obliging and did up another dozen colors and after much thought Espresso was the winner!

 The previous stain will be used on the backs of the boards so there is no wastage.  This stack is about 1/3 of the siding and took about 8 hours to apply.

I also have been painting the interior wall covering.  I'm normally against painting wood but it is a low quality pine.

 It also gives the tiny house a nice cottage feel

The siding is finally starting to go one.  I'm loving the color.

I got around to designing the roof for the bay window.  There where so many angles to cut and I ended up using a band saw, table saw, compound miter saw and jig saw to get them all done.

Pretty picture!

Expenses to date: TBD

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