Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Getting ready to move

I'm actually writing this post in late August.  There have been a lot of changes and progress over the last month and I wanted to break the posts into smaller pieces.

On July 31st I moved to the Calgary area.  With so must left to complete on the house and having to plan/pack for the move its going to be a busy time.

The still open bay window roof became the first priority and 2 days later it was insulated and covered.

Later the same day the short wall had half its siding done. 

On the 23rd I had to make a trip to pick up more siding, I wasn't sure I would have enough of the 4' pieces to finish.  Despite the ungainly appearance it handled very well.

The next day the new wood was sanded, washed and partially stained.  This was thanks to my classmate that picked the colors and 2 of her friends.

After this I was really busy, most days where 12+ hours working on the house and running errands.  I didn't get much time to take pictures.
The main roof took a couple of days to finish up.  The loft soffit needed to be painted and installed, the ridge cap and trim for the soffits finished up the job.  All in all I'm happy with how the roof turned out.
The last few days where spent packing and preparing for the move but I did manage to put a little more siding on.

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