Thursday, 13 February 2014

Putting holes in the walls

I've been busy putting up the wall insulation and I'm about 3/4 done.  Just a few thin strips next to the interior wall, a couple of spots in the loft and between the door and the bay window.  I'll be putting vapour barrier up over the covered areas tomorrow.  The rest has to wait for the bay window.

 It looks so nice and even :)

 Putting holes in the north wall, nervous and exciting.  Furnace on the left and water heater on the right.

Water heater hole

I also wired up the electrical box the rear exterior plug.

There are two things that are really holding me up, the lack of bay window walls and I have to make the brackets for the 8" roof extensions.  These will allow the roof to be 9' 10" wide when parked.  I'm going to tackle the brackets first.  Once those are done then i can insulate the roof.
There is a total of 40 that I have to make.  That is whole lot of welding and cutting.

Expenses to date $12,028

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