Thursday, 20 February 2014

The bay window framing

While I was in the states last weekend I looked at doors and windows.  This is the door I'm looking at but does it come in red?  What do you guys think?

I've been procrastinating on the bay window for a few months but its starting to get in the way.  I'm been spending a putting in some time over the past week on making the cuts.  There are so many angles and odd measurements that are making it a slow process.  I used my brother's band was to make the long vertical cuts which took about 4 hours to setup and run through.  With those out of the way I can make the rest of them on my chop saw.

On Tuesday I cut groves for the threaded rod

 On Wednesday I framed and erected the front wall.

Today I finished framing the two side walls.  I placed them just in time to watch as beautiful sunset.  I might put a desk here but I also want to make it a seating area.  Later problems :)
Now I can finish wiring the walls.

Expenses to date: $12,169

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