Saturday, 6 July 2013

More welding

To make up some time loss due to rain I took the week of July 8th to 12th off from work
I borrowed the big welder from work again.  I tacked the supports for the bay window in place.  I also tacked the cross braces in place, these are just in case the outriggers try to twist the frame.  The braces will transfer the load to the other side keeping the frame square.  Next I tacked the rear bumper.
It might not look like I'm making much progress but keep in mind when it is not raining it is sunny and hot!  I'm wearing jeans, respirator, long sleeve shirt and leather gloves when ever I'm welding.  Good thing Kelowna is so dry because I'm sweating buckets.

Worked so hard that there are no pictures!

 Expenses to date $ 4,069

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