Saturday, 27 July 2013

More floor framing

I managed to spend a couple of hours on Thursday and Friday nights and most of Saturday working on the house.  The plywood is almost all laid down and joists set on top.  The last section which includes the bay window has not been set.  The short 2x4s between the joists hold the joists and mostly the correct spacing.  I made a stop for the chop saw so I could quickly cut them to 14 1/2", add 1 1/2" for the 2x joist and you get a nice 16" on center spacing.  Guess what, 2x lumber is not exactly 1 1/2" thick, more like 1 3/8".  I didn't notice this until I was out by almost 1/2".  If the future I would put 3-4 pre-cut spacers and then add 1 custom spacer to bring things back to the 16" O.C. spec.  My solution to this will be to make a map of my joist spacing so I know where they all are after covering them with plywood.

Expenses to date $5,300

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