Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Finally some sunshine

Last Saturday a classmate lent a hand, we put up some more wall sheathing.  That are just a couple of pieces left to put in but they will have to wait until the roof is done.  I also put up the typar on the bathroom wall to help protect the OSB from water.

I've been using the compressor and saws fairly heavily the last few weeks and combined with the cloudy weather the batteries have been hovering around 50% charge.  Today finally provided a full days sunshine bring them up to almost 100%.  The best part is sun is in the forecast until at least Sunday.  I better make hay while the sun shines!

It may be sunny but it's cold! 

Today I put the two loft walls in place!  They are not nailed down yet but now the tarps are at the final height of the interior ceiling.  The loft feels like it's a good height, even with all the extra wood up there.  I was so pleased with the space I just sat for a few minutes and chilled

As you can see it is a bit of a mess.  I'll have to make some time to clean it up before the weekend push.

Expenses to date: $8,244 (I returned some screws)

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