Sunday, 24 November 2013

Putting up the rafters

I started by pulling the tarps off the roof.  It was nice working in the sun but the wind was chilly.  Next, I notched the birds eye for the loft rafters and started the living room rafters.  I wound down the day with a shopping trip!  I haven't yet nailed the walls to the floor.  Because the rim boards are pressure treated I didn't want to use regular nails and wasn't sure what kind to get.  After asking a couple of Home Depot employees who had no clue I turned to the internet and sure enough you have to use a Hot Dipped Galvanized nail.

Once again I had a helper, my friend has been kind enough to come into town again.  We started by marking the location of the rafters on the ridge boards and top plates.  This greatly simplified the installation.  Next we nailed and screwed the rafter ties in place.  These do leave a gap between the ridge board and rafter so if you do use them makes sure you take this into account.  I didn't and so the rafters stick out a little extra.  We managed to get all the loft rafters in place and the first living room rafter in.

I finished cutting all the birds eyes and then my helper showed up.  I had her start on cutting some of the missing wall sheathing while I installed the remaining rafters.  I used a couple of 2x4s and some plywood to make a platform to sit on top of the walls so I could have somewhere to stand.  To keep it from falling off the walls I nailed a couple of wood blocks to act as guides, it worked great.  After the rafters where up we realized there was not enough sheathing to finish the walls so we knocked off early and did a Home Depot run.  While we where there we picked up the roof sheathing too.  When we got back the sun was going down so we just unloaded and put the tarps up.

Expenses to date: $8,932

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