Friday, 1 November 2013

Framing the last walls

 What a busy day!

My friend came over again today and I replaced the fuel pump on her truck.  After a quick break we got right to work on the house.  We place the two shear panels at the bathroom end (glued and nailed).  Next we cut all the lumber for the bay window wall, no mistakes this time, I'm almost getting good at this!  We laid everything out and nailed most of it in place before calling it a night.

 Here you can see the two end walls.  The bathroom wall is the bottom one.
Since starting the walls the deck has been pretty messy.  I'm looking forward to having the loft floor so I can store the extra materials.
The tarps are held in place with 2x4s on the ends.  They weigh down the tarps and slowly pull them tighter.  This system works better then using ropes because it doesn't allow any water to collect on the roof even on the flat section.  A second benefit is it creates an overhang so the water clears the floor.

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