Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sawdust and Loft walls

Today and yesterday where busy days.  Between classes on Wednesday I picked up the wood for the rafters and ridge boards.  In the evening I went over to my brother's and cut all the rafters.  He has a very fancy siding compound miter saw that I needed to cut the 10" rafters for over the living room.  I decided to go with 24" O.C. over the living room with 5/8" TG plywood.  This will save about $80 and 100 lbs.  The loft will be 16 O.C. for two reasons; it only has a 15 degree pitch and I'm only using 8" rafters.

I started today putting the vapour barrier between the loft floor and bathroom wall.  It was an interesting job because I had to put the acoustic sealant between the studs and vapour barrier.  In hind sight I should have done this before I put the loft floor in. Next I put the subfloor back down after letting it dry out for the last week.  I spent the evening putting together the two loft walls.

Expenses to date: $8,294

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