Sunday, 1 December 2013

Technical difficulties

Sorry no pictures this week, I tried to use my old camera and they all came out blurry.

School has kept me pretty busy so I haven't had much extra time.  The forecast contains another cold snap and snow so I had to rejig the tarps.  I still have a small leak in the loft area but I'll put up some plastic to fix that.

Both side walls are 98% covered with sheathing.  I'm hoping to find time to finish them and get the Typar up before it gets cold on Tuesday.  If I can get that done then I can heat the place and start working on the interior until it warms up again in mid December.

As you know I've been looking at inverter since starting this project.  I picked up that ProSine 2500W for a couple of hundred but because it ran off 12v I knew I would be upgrading down the road.  I've been looking at the Magnum MS4448PAE inverter because it has a very unique and handy feature.  It will accept either 120VAC or 240VAC and output 240VAC.  This is important because I want to use split plugs in the kitchen.  The picture shows how a split plug is wired.  This allows 15A to be draw by both plugs for a total of 30A but it can only be done if 240V is being used.  If a 120V system was wired this way it would overload the white wire possibly causing a fire.  Split plugs can be used on a 120V system but ONLY if both sides are split and it would require 4 wires.

So back to the story, a couple of days ago I found a Magnum MS4448PAE in the local classifieds.  It's barely out of the box and comes with the control model.  It gets better too!

About a month after I picked up the trailer the previous owner called me.  She had a long shaft outboard (like for a sail boat) that she wanted gone.  It wasn't running and the cooling pump wasn't working but I picked up up anyway.  I didn't have time to working on it so I just put it in storage.  What does that have to do with the inverter?  Well the guy is looking to trade for a long shaft outboard.  Guess I have some tinkering to do.

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