Sunday, 20 October 2013

Framing the front wall

The first thing I did on Saturday was pick up threaded rod.  This took a  trip to 4 different stores before I realized I was looking for the wrong size.  I replaced the 4 rods around the wheel well and reassembled the floor.  Next I continued to cut the studs and headers.  I even nailed together the bathroom area of the wall.

Today a friend come over to lend a hand so I wanted enough building materials around so I did an early morning run to pick up the lumber for the rear wall.  The front wall has 4 windows, the door, two different top plate heights and the span over the wheels. A lot of different sized lumber and plenty of cuts.  With my helper we made great progress, unfortunately when I made the wheel well header I cut it 6" too short.  Good thing I had the spare lumber.

By the end of the day we had almost completed the wall, there is just the area around the kitchen window to frame.

Expenses to date: $7,298

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