Saturday, 5 October 2013

Just a little rant about vapour barrier.

After the last storm I went back to the low slung tarp setup.  It continued to rain for the next 3 days but the rock wool still managed to dry out under the tarps.  On Thursday I install the remaining batts.  An important note, I did not put any insulation on top of the sewer pipe, this is to minimize the risk of them freezing in the winter.  Because of the extra 2" drop in this part of the floor the pipe have between R12 and R22 underneath them.  Friday I had a friend giving me a hand.  We installed the foam board insulation over the frame, the 1 1/2" board gives a nice R value of 10.  We also put the 6 mil vapour barrier down.  I just have to tape where the pipes pass through the plastic and staple the edges down.  Next stop sub floor!

This is one of the few things I have to rant about.  I've seen how this is handled in most parts of the states and it is shit.  The vapour barrier is usually little more then tar paper stapled to the studs.  I'm not even sure what the point is of wasting staples on that.  Here in Canada the only accepted way is 6 mil plastic sheets.  It comes in 100' x 10' rolls so you can do a whole wall with no seams and lots of room for overlap.  I took it one step further and used acoustic sealant on all the joists.  Acoustic sealant is gooey tar that never dries.  When I screw the sub floor down the acoustic sealant will seal the screw holes.
Rant off

Expenses to date: $6,461

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