Monday, 14 October 2013

Winter is coming! (and all about nails)

This morning I was out of the house early to meet some out-of-town friends and I was greeted by the most unpleasant sight.

Yup at 8:30am my motorcycle seat was still covered in a heavy frost.  How I wish I had walls.  By the time I returned at 10:30 the frost on the tiny house had melted but there was so much water that it looked like it had rained.

I spent a relaxing day working on the house.  The sub floor is almost done, I just have two 13" x 49" pieces to install.  I had to run to the lumber yard to pick up another sheet of plywood to finish it off.  I figured while I was there I should pick up the lumber for the first wall.  This led me to research fasteners.

Warning long winded, slightly technical but important topic ahead 

Basically the internet says screws are too brittle, they snap when bent and they don't come in a big enough diameter.  Fair enough, I've already seen this while straining the joists.  Off I go to buy a nail gun and the lumber.  Later that night it pops into my head that the nails for the gun looked a little thin too.  Many web pages latter I come across this nugget.  The nails for my gun (and most guns sold in town) are .120" in diameter and I would have to use 4 nails for the top and bottom of each stud.  I don't think the lumber would hold up to that abuse.  Further research leads me to the Bostitch F28WW nail gun which can take a nail with a .131 diameter and I would only need 3 nails.  Seriously who knew that attaching two pieces of wood together could be so complicated.

Now back to pictures!

The bay window  sub floor is finish too.
I also leveled the trailer and put the Stack Jacks in place.

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