Friday, 18 October 2013

Starting the walls

The floor over the right rear out rigger had to be fixed.  I had problems with this side being too low during construction and I had fixed it.  It turns out the joists in the main part of the floor just where not fully seated.  I pulled it apart on Thursday and pretty much rebuilt it. After the reassembly today it is pretty close to perfect.

I picked up the Bostitch F28WW nail gun yesterday for a steal.  I local tools store had it on sale this month for $50 off.  When I checked their web site last night is was an additional $20 off.  I then price matched this at Rona for another $7 off.  :-)

I've been excited about starting the walls for a while for a while and it is finally and today I finally got a start.  So far I've just cut out studs for the area below the loft but by tomorrow I should be well on my way.

One more thing I need to fix before I get too far into the walls is the threaded rods next the wheel well have to be replaced with longer one.  By doing this they will come up through the header for the wheel well providing a secure hold down.

Expenses to date: $ 7,157

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