Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sewage revisited

Today was a good day!
I started off my going over to my brother's to cut all the threaded rod for the tie downs. Next I took a second look at the plumbing. I guess I was dreaming about plumbing because I quickly came up with a new layout that I think will work much better.  The plumbing now will come out on the proper side too.

In the mid day heat (35C/95F again today with no shade) I tackled the tie downs on the outriggers.  This took me about 3 to 4 hours for just the front outriggers.  I eventually figured out if I drill a pilot hole that it took about 1/4 of the time.  I guess the heat was cooking my brain.

Finally after playing volley ball for a couple of hours I finished off by trimming down the sides of the floor plywood on the rear section.  I had originally made it tight would the frame but this did not allow space for the welds so the joist where not level with the outriggers in this area.  I had to jack up the floor, unscrew the plywood, slide it out and trim about 1/4" off.  Rinse and repeat for the other side and now just the last two are out.
The front joist I'll fix by putting shims under where it sits on the frame, this joist will be supporting the shower and battery banks so I'm being picky.  The rear 2x4 joist sits on the rear bumper and is out by a fill 3/8".  I'm be replacing it with a 2x6 that I will pass thru a table saw to get the right height.  It's more work then cutting a strip of 3/8 OSB but its also the right way to fix it.

Expenses to date $5,503

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